The Legend Of Don Dicisco

Lost Nation, Essex, Vermont

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Who Is Don

Scene One: Clearing in the woods
Donald Stands on a chair beneath an aged beech tree. A noose dangles from a limb of the tree, resting lightly on his shoulders. He is calm and silent. A heavy rain falls as the town magistrate, Samuel Shades, begins to speak.

Salient Passage
"We'll sort this out when we get to the ocean," said Lon Dicisco to his son as they trudged through the forest. After several miles, they emerged from the thick wood. Instantaneously calmed, the two sat on the shore and watched as the water pulled rocks back into the ocean.

Recent Don Sighting
The day ended like any other day; I got my books together, locked my classroom, and left the building. On my walk home I cut through the woods so I could take a dip in the pond - it was a hot, sticky day and I needed to submerge. I swam around for a few minutes, got out, got dressed, and headed out of the woods.

Don At Legend 2005
Don delivered the following words through a group of musical conduits, The Dawn Chorus, at the Green Mountain Audubon Center on September 17, 2005