The Legend Of Don Dicisco

Lost Nation, Essex, Vermont

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If you are interested in volunteering for the Legend, please send an email to [email protected]. Volunteers will earn free admission to the event in exchange for 4 hours of service, and may earn an additional ticket for another four hour interval.

Some volunteer duties include:

  • Physical design (as far as two weeks before)
    • clearing trails
    • building straw bale structures
    • general lay out and set up
  • Kid activities
  • Facilitate interactive art stations
  • Helping artists set up
  • Music- set and strike for bands
  • Greeters/General floaters/helpers
  • Compost and Recycling
  • Clean Up (following the event)

We will need volunteers for the two weeks leading up to, the day of, and the two days following the event.

Folks participating only on the day of the Legend will be expected to attend one brief volunteer meeting (there will be several options in the final week) in order to get a sense of the different spokes of the wheel.