The Legend Of Don Dicisco

Lost Nation, Essex, Vermont

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Kid Activities

The Legend will offer a series of activities designed specifically for kids between the hours of 12:30 and 4:00 PM. We welcome any child (or any adult with an inner child) to join us at any point during the program!

A sampling of activities includes: a tour of the legend grounds, cider making, a live snake show, journal making, garden activities, sculpture, drawing, and discussions with on site naturalists.

Coordinating the program will be none other than Legend veteran Bevin Smith. Bevin lives in Portland, Oregon where she is a bilingual family involvement coordinator. After doing Peace Corps in Bolivia, Bevin earned her master's degree in education while teaching Spanish and dishing out homework to middle schoolers in the Boston area. With summers "off," she has been the assistant director at a creative arts camp for several years. Bevin loves popcorn, travel, laughing, the arts, working with children, being outside, and swimming anywhere.