The Legend Of Don Dicisco

Lost Nation, Essex, Vermont

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The Legend will be fully powered by renewable sources of energy.

The music will be powered by Gary Beckwith's Solar Bus. Gary describes the bus: "The Solar Bus is a 1982 Crown Supercoach that was a school bus in California until 2003, when the transformation began. We yanked out the seats, put some solar panels on the roof, began running it on biodiesel, gave it a paint job, and started driving sround showing and teaching people about the uses of renewable energy. The Solar Bus goes to festivals, events, schools, and other places where people have an opportunity to see our many displays of renewable energy technology. On board is a large battery bank that is charged by the solar panels on the roof. " For more information, please visit:

Powering the lights and slide projector will be Global Resource Options' Suncatcher Educator Trailer.

Mark Penta, of Gilead Garage, will once again supply and operate a large vegetable oil generator. The generator will help power the coffee makers and spits. To find out more about Mark and Vegetable Fuel Systems, please visit:

Legend-goers will also have the chance to visit the carbon sequestration site in order to offset their emissions associated with traveling to the event.

Natural gas shuttles available from University of Vermont in Burlington. Schedule available soon.

Dan "Odin" Ouderkirk is coordinating the entire Legend energy program. Over the past seven years, Dan has developed and cultivated a passion for sustainability through independent research and self-education. He uses this knowledge to spread awareness about the impacts of our actions and what we can do to preserve the resources of our planet for future generations. Dan has spent the last 10 years working as a managing consultant for IBM where he helps companies examine and change the way they operate their businesses in order to make more effective use of their employees and technology.