The Legend Of Don Dicisco

Lost Nation, Essex, Vermont

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The following people and organizations are helping to design the Legend.

Darren and Kevin McCaffrey

Legend veterans Darren and Kevin will assist with all elements of the Legend design.

From their home base in Berkeley, California, McCaffrey Brothers Inc. offers property design; decks, arbors, fences, and retaining wall construction; path, patio, water feature, and irrigation installation; garden and wildlife habitat creation; and native plant restoration. Owned and operated by three brothers, their business focuses on an environmentally friendly approach.

Ben Graham

Legend veteran Ben Graham, of Natural Design and Build, will oversee the creation of the straw bale structures and composting toilets.

Ben describes the mission of Natural Design and Build as an effort to "support the creation of places that connect people, culture and nature in ways that encourage mutual beneficial relationships. The work that is done is a joyous expression of who I truly am, my love of the creative act of designing and building, and the relationship with whom I am building with and for. Natural Design and Build brings a voice for the natural world to the decision making table since we always work within the natural world. The work we do is ultimately for others, and should reflect the needs and character of those who will use the spaces made."

Ben has lived in, studied and organized intentional community developments. This work along with ecological design, as well as some puppet making, has been the foundation for his most visionary work in planning for sustainable communities. The non profit organization SpiralWorks was co-founded by Ben to address these issues. Ben also serves on the Plainfield Planning Commission.

Vermont Youth Conservation Corps

The VYCC will help construct the Legend entrance trail.

The VYCC is an education and training program, dedicated to bringing Vermont’s youth and natural resources together in a dynamic program. Youth enrolled in the VYCC are called “Corps Members” and are 16-24 years old. Under experienced adult leadership, small teams of Corps Members undertake priority conservation projects such as watershed restoration, trail maintenance, and parks management. All projects are designed to provide specific environmental education while teaching vital work skills including teamwork, leadership, self-reliance, and personal responsibility through experience.

Angela Seaborg

Angela Seaborg, of Minglewood Designs, will help design and implement the Legend garden.

Minglewood Designs is a landscape design and planning firm dedicated to creating harmonious garden environments for residential and community clients. Since 2001, Minglewood Designs has combined Zen garden design principles with the ecological and environmental character of the region and site. Each landscape plan reflects upon natural systems to inspire unity, scale, and functionality.

Natasha Haugen

Natasha Haugen is a multi-faceted artist in Plainfield, VT. For the festival she is creating two large tent roofs and silkscreening T-shirts. She facililtates many art education projects with youth ranging from community murals to pottery. Natasha also does Italian plasters and stuccos for private homes and businesses. Her other areas of expertise include stained glass windows, mosaics, murals, watercolors, oils, and silkscreening. To see more of her work please visit her website